Quality Enhancement Cell

The Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University of Technology and Skill Development, Khairpur Mirs

About Quality Enhancement Cell

Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is to improve the student learning experience through identifying specific areas for development. QEC encourage academic and support staff, and students collectively to share current good practice and to generate ideas and models for innovation in learning and teaching. The work of the Quality Enhancement Cell is planned and directed by the Quality Assurance Agency, Higher Education Commission (QAA-HEC) Pakistan. The cell at BBSUTSD was established in January 2017 for enhancing quality of teaching and learning of various programmes of the Institute. The cell has started functioning successfully and progress has been documented and evaluated.


The mission of Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is to act as a bridge between the institute and the QAA—HEC, to implement quality enhancement standards envisaged by the HEC. The QEC will assist the institute in the area of quality assurance to help maintain and enhance the standards of education. The job of QEC is voluntary in nature and it should not be perceived as quality enforcing agency. The primary focus of the QEC is to develop a congenial environment which will not only support student learning, but also promote faculty research under the HEC guidelines. The quality improvement can only be assured by the mutual efforts of the administration, faculty, students and other stakeholders of the institute.

The Team

Dr. Aftab Ahmed Soomro
Director Quality Enhancement Cell
Shamsuddin Lakho
Assistant Director Quality Enhancement Cell